Well, that’s not good.

It’s 9:36 at night and I feel like I just woke up, but I was in the middle of typing a sentence. I realize I’ve been doing stuff all day and don’t remember any of it. This happened to me a few times in elementary school, and once in college, and it’s usually a sign I’m way too stressed. Truthfully, I enjoyed it in elementary school because I’d usually come to at home, after school, and it felt like a day off. But now I think, hmm, no, pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen.

I feel ok, other than that, though.


My Cousin


I’m having a super hard time tonight. So I’ve been sketching my cousin, who hinted he wouldn’t mind if I drew him. This isn’t very far into the drawing, but I can tell I’m going to have to detail the hell out of his hands for them to make any sense. Thinking about whether I’m up to it or not. We have a table booked at an anime convention that’s coming up in a few months and I really should be making content for that. I’m not really sure what to draw though, because I’ve only watched a few anime lately. Even when I find an anime I like I usually search for the live action version. I better find something soon though, because I’m going to have to figure out a style that works for me and probably draw it freehand. I want to make sure I’m putting my own spin on it, not just straight copying another artist’s work.


Added Ties- still no faces




It looks like all I’ve done is the ties…I think I did other things, but I know I’ve spent like hours on the shadows on the ties…the one on the right isn’t completely done yet.

I thought I made a mistake converting to a jpeg because the shadows on the heads looked blurry, but when I tried to tweak the settings it still came out pretty much the same, i think. Oh well.


I’m working on putting colors on top of other layers instead of what I had been doing lately for large shapes, which is to put several background layers of color and then cut them away. I decided to switch because that created some problems for me, but I’m seeing that each technique has advantages and disadvantages. I think I’ll try to do both things in the future.

Work in Progress


I was having ALOT of trouble concentrating today, so instead of continuing my project I decided to make a GIF out of the  many, many layers that make up this piece (including some that won’t make it into the drawing. ) While I was doing this I realized it would be better if I didn’t merge layers so much while I’m working. It’s more convenient in that it’s easier to find the layer you want, but if I join together two layers and then realize I want to stick something between them>>> 😦 !!!

The actual drawing is coming along well (it’s a much higher quality image them this file) and i’m really enjoying the textures the picture has, like the shiny ties. I think the hair is going to be exciting, too.