The one and only pencil drawing I will ever do for fiverr

I started selling my artwork via fiverr a few months ago. It was slow at first, but now I regularly get orders. Fiverr gave me the confidence to market my work to others, for prices that are more fair. (Fiverr gets one dollar of every five, meaning it is really fourerr, which is a dumb name. Anyway, at four dollars, anything I create, because I am not super fast unless I’m being messy, I am making at the most 2 dollars an hour. And that is pretty lame.

But I decided, since I wanted more people to order my 2 dollar an hour gigs, that I would offer pencil drawings. I would make them more simple and cartoony than what I usually do, and take much less time.

I’m kind of an idiot.

Cartoony or not, I can’t spend less than 5 hours on a pencil drawing and be satisfied with it. I am still not happy with this final product, and I declared it done only because I was very late in delivering it. But as much as I hate self-praise, it is for sure worth more than 5 dollars.

fivverSo here ends my short-lived Fiverr traditional art experiment. The buyer was very nice and understanding about my inability to deliver this on time, so it was a good experience that way.

I have, however, learned more concrete lessons about art pricing. For one, if you price your art too low, no one will want to buy from you. They will think either that they are taking advantage of you, or that there is some secret reason it is priced low (you are stealing it, for instance.) I have yet to find the sweet spot between charging enough that buyers don’t feel bad for you and not charging so much that they laugh at you, but I am inching closer.


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