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Self Portrait

After awhile not having a computer, not drawing, and pretty much just haunting facebook on my phone, I think I’m ready to draw more. I don’t know. It comes and goes. But a friend loaned me her tablet, so that’s exciting. Here is my latest drawing of me:




About 10 months ago, an old college friend asked me to draw her nephew. This was the end result:10682388_520081434761357_97317139106459752_o

Recently she asked me to draw hebaby3r niece. I started out taking my time, doing a bit every day for two weeks- and came up with a really awful looking drawing. So two days before I’d promised to have it done, I started over.

I went at it a bit obsessively…My computer is now full of different versions of the same drawing (at different stages in progression) that only look different if you rebeiially stare. (And sometimes not even then, but I saved them separately, so I must have thought something was different.)

I also got bored and tried some in grayscale, with differing contrast.

In the end, I zoomed in a little, and ended up putting less detail on the face.

Honestly, I can’t remember if that was a conscious decision, or if I made a layer of shadow less opaque in order to work on something near it and forgot to restore it.

At one point, my husband did say the shadows made the baby look weirdly old, so I did try to lessen some of them. Looking at some of the in progress shots, though, I think I should have kept with the more detailed version.

Since I had already delivered the file to the buyer, though, and she likes the product she got, I decided to be happy with what I delivered.


I have a computer again!

My computer decided to die, which I understand because I was horrible to it, and it was on it’s last legs any. The monitor was cracked so I was using an external one, the keyboard only registered a few buttons so I was using a wireless one, and the fan made horrible noises pretty much nonstop. The laptop I have now seems reluctant to connect to the internet, but I will forgive it because I can hold it in my lap the way the word “laptop” suggests.

Hopefully this will mean I will be creating more art soon, as well as rambling, wordy posts about life that make me feel better,

Hot Off the Press! Art for the Movment

Anyone need shirts?

red alder press

I have set up my silk screening studio and starting printing. I am currently working on shirts and patches that will be sold to benefit recent national protests against police murders and brutality.


I also open for orders. I people have idea of a print they want to make for your project, your band, your general coolness get at me. I will be charging on a sliding scale, free for movement work and we will work something out for everything else.

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Write about an Object

Just rediscovered a good friend’s blog. I can’t even tell you how amazing this person is, but I think her writing speaks for itself.

red alder press

It is a small ceramic cradle six inches long, three across , five tall.

Too small for a live baby. Too big for easy packing

and we were always packing. She came with me

everywhere. White with pink trim. Bundled in dirty shirts,

in yesterdays newspaper, in the bottom of plastic totes

and heavy baskets.

She is always cold to touch, cold as I hold her

to my cheek, nestled to my ear, you can hear her.

Even in the desert, even after the longest drive.

My grandmothers last creation, thrown for my birth.

A useless cradle which followed me like her voice,

a sound I can only imagine. Haunting, my packed life

my childhood travels

from the sun

to snow

to desert

to water

Landing on an island

I filled her finally

with my sisters baby hair clippings

dried yellow flowers,

beach glass, coins from distant travels

and finally…

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We’re going to have a table at Sac Anime at the end of the month, and the boyfriend and I are both frantically trying to create artwork we don’t hate. He and a co-worker will be doing caricatures, and since he’s on his fourth season as a caricature artist he’s not super worried about that part. We are both very nervous about original prints, though. 

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