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When your day is super crappy, paint something you don’t have to think about. Put on loud music, wrap yourself in a blanket, get paint all over your hands. Random people might come in and tell you that what you’re painting is creepy, but you will feel better.




Who I draw


This is me:

I have light brown skin and dark, corkscrew-curly hair. I have freckles and I can get a sunburn. My nose is squishy. My eyes have an epicanthic fold, and I’m pretty sure one eye is bigger than the other. I have big legs and tiny little hands and ears. My teeth have big gaps, but my dentist says each individual tooth is well shaped.

A while ago, I realized that unless I was drawing a self-portrait, I tended to draw girls that all looked the same. They were thin, with long straight hair, even features, straight cartilage heavy noses, and small mouths. They were floating heads, not bodies. They were almost uniformly white.

Part of the reason was I had trouble coloring dark skin. Another, more upsetting factor to realize, was that when I started drawing as a child, I believed that being pretty was incredibly important, and most of the women I saw described as pretty on TV and in magazines were white and thin. Even if they weren’t white, they all had similar features and were around the same age.

I wasn’t drawing men, either, or children, or older people. I wasn’t telling stories; I was doggedly repeating an image I believed was beautiful, boring even myself. Continue reading Who I draw


I used to be very into deviantart. These days I feel like an old lady when I visit, because I start grumbling “in my day, you didn’t have to be popular to get views.” I do occasionally go in and take a look around my gallery, which I did today.

Sometimes I think my art isn’t getting better, I’m not as good as my boyfriend or friends, and I might as well stop.. But looking at old artwork helps me realize I have improved a lot, and am still going forward.




These are my first two deviantart posts from 2005. I used to primarily use graphite, but around 2006 I started mostly using pastel pencils, partly because I felt like graphite took too much time and effort.

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Painted Two Vinyl Dolls

My boyfriend Sam and I noticed kidrobot was having an online sale on blank vinyl toys. We are both interested in vinyl dolls, although we haven’t done many, so we ordered a few. The dolls, even without the sale, are much cheaper online than in stores. The shipping, is listed as 9.99, which makes buying one not much of a deal. (We were only charged 5, though. Maybe that was on sale, too?) If you’re going to buy a bunch like we did though, it’s worth it even if you’re charged 9.99. This all cost us roughly 31.00, including shipping and tax.

What We Got:

We ended up getting the superhero Munny bundle, which amounts to four 4in dolls and 2.5in dolls of different colors. The accessories are also mostly silly, except for wolverine’s claws. (The Venom accessory is his tongue…which for some reason he is supposed to hold in his hand? And he can’t even hold it, so it’s useless.) I believe the only one that might end up a superhero is the black Venom doll, but Sam has his own design in mind.

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