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Baby, in progress

A classmate asked me via Facebook if I would draw her nephew. If there are any aspiring artists out there reading this, I find having an artist page is a pretty good idea. I only have one person following me on my Facebook artist page that I don’t know personally, but it’s done a good job of convincing friends, acquaintances and family that my artwork is consistent, and I’ve gotten quite a few commissions through it. Oh, and people asking me for free art died down significantly, oddly. I think because conducting yourself like you are creating a marketable product makes others think you are. Wait, that sounds weird…Well, y’all are smart people, I’m sure you can figure out what I mean.

My page is basically just my art, no status updates or anything, but I think that is good for right now. Seeing my art not scatted like on wordpress, but next to each other in posts, makes me proud that I have been consistently creating things. I also pay less attention to imperfections in each piece and focus on it as a collection. 
This piece, where the main figure is pretty large in the frame, reminds me a bit that I need to either embrace my sloppiness or figure out how to be less sloppy. I think embracing the sloppy and using it to my advantage is more realistic, but I know it’s not as simple as it sounds.