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My Cousin


I’m having a super hard time tonight. So I’ve been sketching my cousin, who hinted he wouldn’t mind if I drew him. This isn’t very far into the drawing, but I can tell I’m going to have to detail the hell out of his hands for them to make any sense. Thinking about whether I’m up to it or not. We have a table booked at an anime convention that’s coming up in a few months and I really should be making content for that. I’m not really sure what to draw though, because I’ve only watched a few anime lately. Even when I find an anime I like I usually search for the live action version. I better find something soon though, because I’m going to have to figure out a style that works for me and probably draw it freehand. I want to make sure I’m putting my own spin on it, not just straight copying another artist’s work.



UntitledAdded highlights and shadows in the hair, refined the shape of the hair around the chin, changed the background, tweaked the color and contrast on the face. Next steps: Trim the edges, put a border to make it look like a comic panel, and make a thought bubble with pictographs in it. Hopefully I can leave a lot of white in the word bubble to balance out the heavy dark purple in her hair. Put a collar on her shirt. To be considered: The shirt is flat now, not sure if I’m going to leave it like that or put light shadows and highlights. I’m leaning towards shading it, because it looks a little too flat in this particular drawing,


What I’m working on now


I’m drawing a Mine-craft obsessed 7 year old. She’s not paying me now, but I told her she owes me 40$ when she gets a job. Also, her mom is going to tell people it cost 50$ if anyone asks.

Last time I asked, her favorite color was purple, but her mom informed me that it’s now green, and will probably be something else before the week is over. My response was “She can suck it then, she’s staying purple.” I’m glad her mom is a good friend of mine and wasn’t offended.

This is a close up of the face, but there’s also a minecraft  t-shirt (with my own spin on the logo) and there’s going to be some sort of highly-detailed background, probably mine-craft screenshot inspired.


I keep going back and forth about how dark the shadows on her face should be. In this shot they are not as dark. You can also see the T-shirt, but aside fro the logo it has no detail yet.

I belatedly remembered I was going to put up some earlier work in progress shots: