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Silly Girl


Another GIMP project. I think I probably need to move up to a program that’s specifically for illustration. And I need to buy a tablet, or at least a dang mouse! I love my laptop but the touch pad is not ideal. Because I’m using the touch pad, right now my process is to either paint over a photo or paint over a sketch I did by hand. That makes it easier for me to focus on improving my shading and coloring.

I lay down a dark color in the background, then outline the figure with free select and lay down a light color around that. After that, I  then either use free select to cut out dark areas on the light color, or add color to another area. So basically, it’s hours and hours of zooming in, hand-selecting areas that are the same color, and, filling them in on different layers. It works for my personality. I use repetitious tasks to zone out. But I don’t know that it’s the most time-savvy method.

Anyway, I love making faces blue. I think I come from a world where everyone’s skin is green or blue, and they just sit in the sun all day and play cards. Sounds fantastic.

This was going to be the first panel in a comic, but I just don’t know how motivated I am right now. My boyfriend pointed out that the background doesn’t work, and he’s probably right, but I just don’t have the energy to fix it right now.

Anyway, because I’mm trying to learn how to say positive stuff, my favorite part of this is the pink part around the eyes.